blog content

Given the title, you may be thinking that this is an article that will teach you about a secret technique on writing your blog content.

Well, no this isn’t.

The Visual Appearance Of Your Blog

Instead, below are a few tips and tricks regarding the visual appearance of your blog that can affect the readability of your blog content and present your content in a way that accurately reflects your beliefs.

As it should be known to all bloggers, from a visual perspective, the more effortlessly readable your content is on your blog, the more chance of your visitors to further consume your content.

Your blog background

Dark backgrounds with light text colours are often a lot harder to read content from than typical light coloured backgrounds with dark text colours. This element of your website can significantly impact the amount of time a visitor will spend on your website, for the worse.

Paragraph formatting

Content paragraphs when printed in magazines, books, or newspapers are often a lot longer than the content paragraphs you find online in blogs, articles and websites. This is because larger chunks of information are generally harder to consume when online, so keep your paragraphs to a maximum of three sentences long.

Visual factors

Content formatted in narrow columns is a lot faster and easier to consume than if the content was spread across the width of a computer screen. Font sizing is another issue, as if it is too big or too small, it can make it difficult to consume your online content from a visitors perspective.

Overall, no matter how well written your content is on your blog, the way in which you present it will determine whether visitors will continue on consuming your content.