A cost comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

There are four main factors to consider for your WordPress Website Development when comparing the points of difference in cost between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, being hosting, storage space, domain name and ad removal.

A basic, free WordPress.com plan is the least expensive WordPress option, especially if you don’t mind not having a custom domain name and aren’t fussed on pricey themes.

For a fully featured website with your own domain name, no advertising and unlimited storage for all your images and videos, WordPress.com can quickly become expensive.

The most affordable option in this situation would be to download WordPress from WordPress.org.
Against all else, hosting your website on WordPress.com will always be free. However, there are limitations that you can easily remove with upgrading your plan.

The following list shows the current prices of all the upgrades available to gain more control over your website.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices are that of an annual subscription.

  • Domain registration – $5
  • Site redirect – $13
  • No ads – $30
  • Domain mapping – $13
  • Domain Privacy – $8, per domain
  • VideoPress – $60
  • Custom design – $30
  • Unlimited premium themes – $120
  • Space upgrade – $20 – $290
  • Guided transfer – $129, one-off fee
  • Premium theme – from $20, one-off fee

Do not forget that the mapping upgrade is required for a newly registered domain name to work.

There are also different prices for the different types of extensions you wish for the end of your domain name. To save some money if you plan on purchasing several of these WordPress upgrades, consider switching to a WordPress.com plan instead.

Some of their current plans include domain registration and mapping, additional storage space, the removal of ads and much more.

Hence, wanting a fully featured website on WordPress.com with your own domain name, no advertising and unlimited storage can become quite expensive.


Although hosting your own website does come at a price, downloading a copy of the open source software from WordPress.org is free.

Hosting your own website can be priced as low as $5 a month if you find a good enough deal. There are other additional costs, like purchasing your own domain name, involved in using the WordPress.org platform. Many registrars who provide domain names do so fairly cheap.

Regardless of the domain registrar or hosting company you use, you will have complete control over your WordPress websites design, files, domain and database.

Themes and plugins are another expense to look at when first building your WordPress.org website. Free themes are plentiful on the internet but lack the functionality and advanced features needed for an e-commerce or corporate website.

Premium themes and plugins varies in price, but if you shop around, there are plenty of great deals to choose from.