Freedoms and Limitations in comparing and

The kind of website you wish to build should determine whether you use or

So below are the exact things you can and cannot do with a and website.

WordPress Website Service –

There are many limitations involved when hosting your website with

These developers in charge of are indeed running their own business. In return for the conveniences of a ready to use WordPress environment and the maintenance of software, any upgrades needed will come at a cost.

Listed below are just a few of the limitations including in hosting your website with

  • Can only use themes
  • No customization options available with plugins
  • Capped storage space
  • Restricted control of content, that is you must pay to remove ads
  • Cannot access your files via FTP

Keep in mind that you are unable to use third party advertising solutions and analytical tracking programs, for instance Google Adsense and Google Analytics, with your website.

WordPress Website Service –

Setting up your website using on your own server gives you the freedom to do whatever you wish with it. You’re only limitation is the amount of storage space you own, and similar features that are included in your hosting package.

You are able to use any theme or plugin, paid or free, you desire with no ads included.

However, you may still set up Google Adsense if you choose. You can also easily edit, tweak and add files and database by means of FTP, cPanel, shell access or whichever option you can with your hosting package.

Although, with full control of your WordPress website, you are responsible for maintaining it, as opposed to if you were to take the route.